Renewable energy has become an important consideration in the landscape of Australian energy needs into the near and long-term future. Russell Kennedy brings considerable experience having acted for landowners on a number of large-scale solar and wind farm developments in many States.

Our experienced team advises landowners in rural areas, on renewable energy projects, whether they are dealing with hydro, wind and solar farm developers. We ensure our clients are protected from what are unfamiliar and complex documents that will affect their land and their families for many decades. We help them understand their rights and achieve the best commercial outcomes while minimising the impact on their ongoing farming operations.

Renewable energy projects can raise complex issues for landowners, that require careful consideration. Our team assists clients to navigate these issues and understand the short and long term challenges and benefits of entering into these arrangements.

Having been involved since the earliest days of renewable energy in Australia, we understand the commercial and practical issues, as well as the legal and contractual ones.

Our team will assist landowners to:

  • Maximise the amount of rent and other payments that can be paid
  • Protect from liability, and protect their land during initial investigation, construction, operation and decommissioning of the farm
  • Ensure they are able to continue with their farming operations, with the least impact and interruption
  • Understand both the short term and long terms consequences that entering into such agreement might have on their farming operations and future income
  • Navigate the complexities of the negotiation phase and help them understand their contractual obligations
  • Resolve disputes

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