Webinar replay: Waste & Resource Recovery – The General Environmental Duty: Implications for Waste and Resource Recovery Projects

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On Tuesday 25 May 2021, Russell Kennedy hosted a Waste & Resource Recovery Webinar – The General Environmental Duty: Implications for Waste and Resource Recovery Projects. This webinar was relevant to people working in State Government, Local Government, Water Corporations and Waste & Resource Recovery organisations, it was directed towards procurement professionals, project managers and facilities owners and operators in the waste and resource recovery sector. 

Principals, Stefan Fiedler and Kyle Gillan discussed the impact of the introduction of the new Environment Protection Act 2017 and Regulations on waste and resource recovery projects and contracting. They explained the impact of the new legislation on commercial contracting across the full logistics chain from transport contracts, to facilities management contracts, and new major infrastructure projects.

This webinar covered:

  • The new General Environmental Duty under the Environment Protection Act 2017
  • How to discharge the General Environmental Duty through your organisation’s contracting and procurement activities
  • The impact of the new General Environmental Duty on waste and resource recovery contracts, including collections, transport, disposal and infrastructure construction and management

The webinar was designed to better your understanding of procurement, contracting and infrastructure construction in light of the new General Environmental Duty and reforms to the Environment Protection Act 2017.

Presenting this live presentation was Kyle Gillan, Principal and Stefan Fiedler, Principal from Russell Kennedy’s Waste & Resource Recovery team. 

Michael Bragg, Associate facilitated and assisted in answering the Q&A during the webinar.


How we can help

For more information on anything covered in this webinar please contact Kyle Gillan, Stefan Fiedler, Michael Bragg or a member of our Waste & Resource Recovery team.

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