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Russell Kennedy is a key advisor to disability organisations. Our comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by clients as they navigate the NDIS allows us to guide them through a range of operational issues. 

The rollout of the NDIS and the growth of the disability market means disability service providers must rethink the way they structure their service delivery model and workforce. We understand the legal and financial challenges disability organisations face as they transition to the NDIS environment and its requirement for a flexible, low-cost workforce.

Disability is a core focus area for Russell Kennedy; our team works to strengthen the capability and responsiveness of the sector by providing strategic advice which helps organisations fulfil their mandate of quality care and empowerment.

We provide specialist advice across a wide range of issues including compliance, governance, risk management, workplace relations, obligations under the disability legislation and regulatory requirements. We can also help with liquidity and debt management challenges, licensing and accreditation, building ICT capability, and operational and transactional advice regarding property, construction, corporate and commercial projects.

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