Russell Kennedy Aged Care Template Agreements and other Policies and Documents

Russell Kennedy assists aged care clients with a broad range of standard and tailored template aged care agreements, policies and other documents. 

Our templates are carefully drafted to protect aged care providers and their residents, while meeting the compliance requirements of the Aged Care Act and other relevant laws (such as privacy laws and the Australian Consumer Law).

Many of our Aged Care template agreements can be purchased:

  1. as a one-off purchase (no updates provided);
  2. on a subscription (updates provided throughout the subscription period); or
  3. a combination of (a) and (b) depending on your needs if you are buying more than one Agreement.

Many clients find the subscription service effective as it is purchased annually (1 July – 30 June). Periodically during the subscription period we provide updates to the Agreements which reflect, for example, legislative changes and updates in response to decisions of various Commissions and regulatory bodies. We find this service a cost effective way for our clients to have peace of mind that their agreements are always up to date.

Please find our templates listed below and contact Solomon Miller (03) 9609 1650 if you would like to discuss any of them further.

Home Care

Russell Kennedy's Home Care Client Agreements include:

  • Home Care Agreement (Standard Form) – Our standard HCP client agreement.
  • Home Care Agreement (Short Form) – Short form version of our current Home Care Agreement.
  • Home Care Agreement (Co-managed or Self-managed) – For delivery of home care on a co-managed or self-managed basis (with allocated responsibilities).
  • Easy English Guide to Home Care - An illustrated guide to the home care agreement, to be used alongside with our Home Care Agreement.
  • HSP Client Agreement – Our standard CHSP Client Agreement.
  • Brokered Services Agreement – For sub-contracting of HCP, CHSP and STRC home care.
  • Brokered Services Agreement (Short Form) – Short form version for sub-contracting of home care services, CHSP and STRC home care.
  • Home Modifications Agreement – For regulation of home modifications under a home care package (to be entered by the consumer, approved provider and contractor).
  • Home Care Expenditure Policy – To assist staff in making decisions about purchases of care, services and items in accordance with the rules on HCP expenditure.
  • Home Care Specific APP Privacy Policy – To comply with the Australian Privacy Principles, which require providers to publish a policy setting out how they manage and use personal information.

Residential Care 

Russell Kennedy's resident agreements and related documents include:

  • Resident and Respite Agreements – Our standard resident agreements for permanent and respite care.
  • Respite Agreement (Short Form) – Short form version of our current Respite Agreement.
  • Resident and Respite Agreements (with Extra Services) – Our standard resident agreements for permanent and respite care for homes or parts of homes with extra service status. 
  • Transfer Agreement – To be used if the resident entered care prior to the Living Longer Living Better reforms (ie prior to 1 July 2014). 

Special conditions.

We offer a range of template and bespoke special conditions including but not limited to:

  • Additional services clauses – For providers offering additional services. 
  • Special condition – Couples/joint rooms – To use when admitting couples into a shared room.
  • Special condition – Resident with an NDIS package – To use when admitting residents with an NDIS package. 
  • Special condition – Dementia unit – To use when a resident is being admitted to a dementia unit and the provider wishes to reserve the right to remove them if they no longer require this level of care.

Add-ons and related documents include: 

  • Resident Agreement Checklist – To complement our Resident Agreement.
  • Resident Agreement Guidelines – To complement our Resident Agreement.
  • Deed of Variation of Resident Agreement – To use when varying the Resident Agreement (such as a room change or additional services).
  • Guarantee and Indemnity for resident fees – To document the guarantee and indemnity requested / agreed post-admission.  
  • Charge/Caveatable Interest Deed – For providers who wish to lodge a caveat on a resident’s property but have not included this in their agreement.
  • Third Party Guarantee – Where a resident is in default, for providers to ask a family member to guarantee the resident’s fees.  
  • Third party RAD refund and special condition – Where providers wish to accept a “third party RAD”, they can use this document and the accompanying special condition to minimise risk.
  • Indemnity for RAD/bond refund (no probate) – Providers can use this if they wish to refund a RAD without probate. 

Other documents include: 

  • RAD Loan Agreement – For loan of RADs between related entities. 
  • RAC Management Agreement – For delegation of residential aged care management functions to a related entity. 
  • Unreasonable Complaints Conduct Guide – To use when managing difficult or persistent complainants.
  • Environmental Restraint Consent Form – To meet the requirements for restraint in the Quality of Care Principles. 
  • Letters/notices for relocating residents – To meet the requirements in the Fees and Payments Principles 2014 for when residents are moving within the facility , whether voluntarily or involuntarily. 
  • Letter of demand – Unpaid fees – For providers to send to residents/representatives who are in default. 
  • Letter of demand – Delay in probate – For providers to use to prompt families to apply for probate. 


Russell Kennedy's STRC and SDCP agreements include:

  • Specialist Dementia Care Program Agreement – For residents entering a SDCP unit. 
  • STRC Agreement (Residential) – For delivery of STRC in a residential care setting. 
  • STRC Agreement (Home Care) – For delivery of STRC in a home care setting. 

Student placements

  • Vocational Placement Agreement – For regulation of vocational (student) placements. 


Russell Kennedy's procurement agreements include:

  • Goods and Services Agreement (Standard Form) – For procurement of goods and services by providers whether in residential or home care.
  • Goods and Services Agreement (Short Form) – Short form version for procurement of goods and services by providers. 
  • Goods Agreement (Purchase Terms and Conditions) – For procurement of goods by providers.
  • Consultancy Agreement – For procurement of consultancy services by providers.
  • Provision of Services to Residents Agreement – For administration of suppliers to provide goods/services directly to residents.
  • Service Agreement Annual Certification – For contractor certification of compliance with supply terms for applicable reporting period.
  • Labour Hire Agreement – For procurement of labour hired by providers.

Building works

Russell Kennedy's building works documents include: 

  • Minor Building Works Contract – For procurement of minor building works / alterations. 
  • Facility Maintenance Contract – For procurement of building maintenance services.


Russell Kennedy's employment agreements include:

Part-time and full-time Contract of Employment for employees who fall under the following Modern Awards:

  • Aged Care Award 2010
  • Nurses Award 2010
  • Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award 2010

The above contracts are for permanent Award employees. 

For non-permanent Award employees:

  • Casual Employment Contract – For casual Award employees.
  • Management Contract of Employment – For non-Award management employees.
  • Employment policies – Include various key employment policies. 

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