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Living with COVID-19 - Guidelines for retirement village operators

Donna Rayner, Rosemary Southgate, John Corcoran, Kathryn Elleman, Lillian Graystone, Rohan Harris, Sylvia Mansour, Lee Be

The State Government has worked with the retirement living industry to prepare a set of guidelines to assist retirement living operators in managing the challenges associated with operating a village during the current lockdown. The guidelines will assist operators in complying with the directions issued by the Victorian Chief Health Officer.

We encourage operators to read the guidelines in detail as they are a useful reference to ensure that your village is compliant and to assist in managing the expectations of residents, staff, contractors and visitors to your villages.

Click here for a link to the guidelines

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If you require any further information please contact Donna Rayner, Rosemary Southgate, John Corcoran, Kathryn Elleman, Rohan Harris,  Lillian Graystone, Sylvia Mansour, or Lee Be.

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