Waste Panel Event: Infrastructure Victoria Report Into Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure

  • When: Wednesday 24 July 2019
  • Time: 9:00 am - 10:30 am
  • Where: Russell Kennedy Lawyers - Level 12, 469 La Trobe Street, Melbourne
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Infrastructure Victoria (IV) has been asked by the Victorian government to provide advice on waste infrastructure in Victoria.
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What has happened?

Infrastructure Victoria (IV) has been asked by the Victorian government to provide advice on waste infrastructure in Victoria. 

IV’s advice is to be provided to the Special Minister of State by April 2020, with an interim report due in October 2019.

Role of Infrastructure Victoria?

IV is an independent government advisory body which provides advice to government on infrastructure related issues. It has three main functions: (i) preparing a 30 year infrastructure strategy for Victoria which is refreshed every 3 to 5 years; (ii) providing written advice to government on specific infrastructure issues; and (iii) publishing original research on infrastructure-related issues.

To prepare its report IV is undertaking engagement with industry, the community, local government, key stakeholders and will draw on interstate and international comparators to develop its own advice. IV is calling for submissions which will close on 28 June 2019.

Key Focus Areas

The government has set out its priorities for IV in Terms of Reference. The Terms of Reference have a broad infrastructure focus whilst highlighting the following:

  • Secondary processing of recyclable materials in Victoria (rather than foreign markets);
  • Residual waste processing, including waste to energy; and
  • Organics processing.

The Terms of Reference foreshadow government taking a more active role in supporting infrastructure investment and it will be of interest to stakeholders what sort of stake the government will take in critical infrastructure going forward in return for its investment.


Elissa McNamara Guest Speaker

Elissa McNamara

Project Director, Infrastructure Victoria

Elissa McNamara is the Project Director, Resource Recovery & Recycling Advice at IV. Elissa has a masters degree in Environmental Engineering Science from UNSW. She has held several senior roles in the private and public sector before moving to IV to provide policy advice to government on water, environmental and waste and resource recovery infrastructure.

Jonathan Spears Guest Speaker

Dr Jonathan Spear

Executive Director, Infrastructure Victoria

Dr Jonathan Spear is Executive Director and General Counsel at IV and is responsible for leading IV's work advising government on complex matters, such as the infrastructure required to support automated and zero emissions vehicles.

Robert Millard Guest Speaker

Rob Millard

CEO, Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group

Rob Millard brings 30 years of local government experience to his role. Rob led the organisation in producing the 2009 Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Strategic Plan which for the first time brought together a metropolitan wide approach to coordinating waste and resource recovery. Since then Rob has driven the integration of waste and resource recovery infrastructure requirements into the Victorian planning policy framework.

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Stefan Fiedler


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Stefan's practice involves landfills, solid waste management, contaminated land and groundwater, EPA licensing and approvals, trade waste, reclaimed water, stormwater drainage and enforcement. Prior to practicing law, Stefan worked as an environmental engineer and informant for the Environment Protection Authority.
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Kyle Gillan


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