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Russell Kennedy Aitken Lawyers supports clients with expert advice regarding property separation, parenting orders, binding financial agreements, prenuptial and separation agreements, spousal and child maintenance and de facto relationship law.

We understand that divorce and separation can be an emotional time particularly if there are children involved. As your divorce lawyers, we’re here to ensure the important practical and legal issues are taken care of and support you through this challenging period. We’re proud of our reputation for taking the time to understand each client’s situation and offering a highly personalised service.

We seek to resolve disputes without the need for legal proceedings and deliver timely and cost-effective resolutions. We use round table conferences and mediations to achieve this aim, ensuring that you’re informed and comfortable with our approach at all stages of the process. We’re highly skilled negotiators and will work diligently to achieve your desired outcome.

If an agreement cannot be reached via mediation, our family law team can provide you with strong representation in the Family Law Court, Federal Circuit Court and Local Courts.

Given our broad range of expertise, our clients have the benefit of in house advice on not only family law issues but also matters closely linked to family law issues including; taxation matters, structure of corporate entities and removal of directors, insurance questions and criminal charges.

Whether you have reached the end of a very long marriage, your de facto relationship has just ended after a short time, your same-sex relationship (or marriage) has concluded, you are trying to work out parenting arrangements or you have questions about child support, spousal maintenance or divorce the team at Russell Kennedy Aitken Lawyers are here to help.

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