Russell Kennedy Government CPD Series 2022 Session 3. Managing hybrid teams

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On Friday 25 February 2022, Russell Kennedy hosted its third Government CPD session, Managing hybrid teams. This session is worth 1 CPD Point in Practice management & Business skills. This session was aimed at all leaders looking to work more effectively and keep their teams engaged. What really creates an engaged and effective hybrid team is dynamic leadership. It is leading with the belief that sometimes the best course of action is the one that feels least comfortable – the thing that is counterintuitive. For many leaders, this is letting go of control and learning to influence both in person and virtually. This session welcomed curious leaders from across our community to join the discussion and share their experiences and insights on how to lead with courage and creativity in a hybrid environment. How are you responding strategically and tactically, what advice would you give for remaining resilient and how do you stay focused on what matters regardless of your location. The topics that were covered in the session:

  • Skills - What are the skills of success in a hybrid environment?
  • Communication - How critical is effective communication to the success of a team?
  • Trust - What level of trust is required for optimal engagement?
  • Dynamic Leadership - Where are leaders need to invest, inspire and influence?

In this session, expert leadership and team performance specialist Shelley Flett explained how to earn the necessary skills to succeed in a hybrid environment, develop awareness around the importance of adaptive communication, appreciate the value of trust in team culture and cohesion & understand the components of becoming a dynamic leader and how to achieve them.

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