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RK eContracts

RK eContracts is our new digital contract exchange platform designed to deliver a swift, secure and smart solution for your high volume property contract needs.

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How RK eContracts work

RK eContracts offer a swift, secure and smart way to facilitate exchanges of high volumes of property contracts.

  • The RK eContracts platform enables sales agents to use any smart device (smartphones, laptops, desktops or tablets) to record all contract-specific information in one simple form. The information is then populated throughout the entire document as required.
  • Once generated, property specific RK eContracts are centrally stored and readily available to be viewed, approved and signed by all parties, without the need for printing or posting.
    Each RK eContract is tracked with digital verification signature times.
  • The status of contracts exchanged can be monitored, to keep the process moving along as swiftly as possible. Approver roles can be added to any stage of the process.

Why RK eContracts make better business sense

Russell Kennedy provides leading property development legal services. RK eContracts provide a quick, efficient and secure alternative to paper contracts of sale.

RK eContracts are a secure alternative to traditional paper based conveyancing practices.

RK eContracts utilises market-leading DocuSign technology to provide a faster and secure way to process high volumes of contracts of sale, delivering many pragmatic benefits.

Business benefits for you

  • Less time and effort required to complete and sign a contract
  • Faster contract exchange
  • No risk of unauthorised amendments to contracts or inconsistencies between counterparts of contracts
  • Clear and comprehensive audit trail
  • Avoid printing and postage fees and environmental impacts
  • Sign contracts anywhere, anytime on any digital device

RK eContracts has been shortlisted as a finalist in The Urban Developer Awards in both 2018 and 2019 in the categories of “Best New Product” and “Excellence in Commercial Innovation” respectively.

RK eContracts is the only legal product to have been shortlisted for The Urban Developer Awards two years in a row.

For more information, please contact Mark McKinley, Kathryn Elleman or Donna Rayner.

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