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Tanya Bloom is a Principal in our Worker’s Compensation team, she has more than 15 years’ experience in personal injury, litigation, insurance law, employer liability and risk management.

She brings extensive experience acting on behalf of the Victorian WorkCover Authority and authorised insurers in relation to defending personal injury claims including common law damages, statutory benefits claims and judicial review matters. She has also represented large self-insured clients in claims for common law damages.


  • Responsibility for portfolio of litigated and pre-litigated common law and statutory benefits claims and providing advice to WorkSafe and scheme insurers and employers in relation to the management of these claims.
  • Strategic management of claims and client requirements as part of senior team.
  • Supervising junior lawyers and providing strategic advice on claims.
  • Advising claims agents in relation to upcoming decisions, notices and potential common law claims.
  • Representing a large self-insured client in claims for common law damages and obtaining early resolution to finalise ongoing entitlements.
  • Responsibility for a large number of matters, providing advice to insurers and employers in relation to personal injury damages claims made by workers.
  • Drafting written advice, legal documents and attending regular meetings with clients to advise on liability and quantum and discuss defence strategies.
  • Conducting thorough and early investigation to ensure strategic and commercial decisions can be made about liability and the viability of a clients’ defence.
  • Achieving early resolution of matters and representing clients at conferences and mediations and sole conduct of a number of trials in the Magistrates Court, County Court, Supreme Court and Court of Appeal.