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Russell Kennedy has prepared an Influenza Pack for aged care providers

Solomon Miller, Anita Courtney, Libby Pallot, Victor Harcourt
New rules announced by government require that anyone entering a Care Facility must have a flu or influenza vaccination unless the vaccination is not available to them. Staff of these Care Facilities must have also been vaccinated against all other vaccine preventable diseases specified in their position description or applicable to their position, unless a vaccination is not available to them.  

Russell Kennedy's Influenza Pack

Russell Kennedy has developed an Influenza Pack that can be easy implemented by aged care providers in mitigating the spread of COVID-19 and ensuring reliable record-keeping moving forward.

Russell Kennedy's Influenza Pack will help aged care providers to:

  • Communicate mandatory vaccination expectations of staff, contractors and visitors, including permitted exceptions. 
  • Capture up-to-date information regarding whether mandatory vaccination requirements have been met and if not, whether a permitted exception applies.
  • Maintain a record of visitors consent with their personal information being held and shared with necessary third parties. 
  • Capture the vaccination history of visitors and staff as well as the supporting information provided (eg, vaccination record).
  • Establishing when vaccination costs will be reimbursed.

Russell Kennedy's Influenza Pack includes:

  • Information sheet for visitors;
  • Staff Vaccination Policy;
  • Staff Declaration; and
  • Contractor, Visitor and Volunteer Vaccination Declaration. 

If you are interested in learning more about Russell Kennedy's Influenza Pack for purchase or have any questions, please contact Solomon Miller (03) 9609 1650 /, Anita Courtney (03) 8602 7211 /, Libby Pallot (03) 9609 1584 / or Victor Harcourt (03) 9609 1693 /

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