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Probate Online in Victoria

Ilana Kacev

As of 1 July 2020, Probate applications in Victoria must be submitted online through RedCrest (a portal used to file court documents with the Victorian Supreme Court). The issuing by the Probate Registry of a grant of Probate is also done online through RedCrest and there are no more hard copy grants. Providers may now be surprised to see grants of representation containing electronic seals and not the traditional red wax seal.

In order to view the original Grant, you will need to login to RedCrest using this link.

You will then need to click on the button ‘view electronic grant of representation’ and enter in the application number and unique identifier code provided to you by the estate’s lawyer (or executor/administrator), which will also be contained on the copy of the grant provided to you.

The implementation of an online system for filing Probate applications aims to modernise the system and make the process of applying for and obtaining a grant of representation more efficient.

This is particularly useful during the Covid-19 pandemic as Probate applications can now be signed and witnessed electronically, so the system works seamlessly with being able to then file the documents electronically. Original Wills still need to be filed with the Court and this can be done by sending them in the post after the application has been filed on RedCrest.

The RedCrest system will now also be used to file Caveats and other Probate related documents.

We are here to help

Our team has expertise in preparing complicated Probate applications, administering deceased estates and assisting aged care providers and retirement village operators in dealing with any complexities arising from deceased estates.

For any queries concerning how to access RedCrest or on electronic grants generally, please contact Ilana Kacev.

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