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COVID Series: Family Violence during lockdown

Amy Jenkins & Nicky Neville-Jones

In the event you are scared for your and/or your children’s safety during lockdown living under the same roof with your partner there are options available to you. Firstly, and most importantly escaping from family violence is a legal reason to leave your property during a lockdown.

There are a number of resources available to family violence victims including temporary accommodation facilities which continue to operate despite lockdowns continuing in Australia. This includes the organisation “Safe Steps” (which is a resource centre available to family violence victims nationally and includes a 24/7 telephone helpline.)

In the event a family violence incident occurs at your home, it is also recommend that you call the Police by dialling triple 0. The Police may then decide to apply for a family violence protection Order on your behalf. A condition of this Order may even include an Order compelling your partner, who has committed family violence, to vacate the family home on a temporary basis for you and your children’s protection during lockdown.

It is also recommended you seek legal advice in the event you are victim to or you believe family violence has occurred. Advice can be provided electronically or by telephone during lockdown. A lawyer can then assist you obtain a family violence protection order for your protection if required, as well as assist you with your property and/or parenting matters once the more urgent family violence issues have been dealt with.

How we can help

Russell Kennedy are pleased to offer expertise in the area of family law from our Sydney and Melbourne offices. We have Accredited Specialists in Sydney and Melbourne who are more than happy to assist with any enquiry you may have. For any enquiry in Sydney, please contact our national head of family law Amy Jenkins.

If your enquiry relates to a matter in Melbourne, please contact Nicky Neville-Jones – Special Counsel and Accredited Specialist in Family law.

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