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How to sell or merge your legal practice: a step-by-step guide

Rohan Harris

If you are thinking of selling or merging your legal practice, Rohan Harris, Principal at Russell Kennedy Lawyers, has created a step-by-step guide to getting your legal practice ready.

The booklet will give you the tools that will help you plan and prepare for your own successful deal and also includes the 10 common mistakes to avoid.

You can view a short introductory video here:

Many of Rohan’s clients have achieved great satisfaction in building profitable practices from humble beginnings, often dealing with challenging circumstances along the way. One of the greatest feelings of satisfaction can come from a successful practice sale or merger; a profitable and successful deal is the ultimate reward for hard work and substantial investment.

Rohan has worked with many legal practice owners over more than 18 years as a professional services and business lawyer. In his experience, a successful sale or merger relies heavily on preparation and getting small details right. Make sure you don’t get caught out.

Download booklet

You can download the booklet in pdf format here.

Additional articles

The booklet created a large amount of interest from within the legal profession and Rohan wrote a subsequent blog post on LinkedIn: The top 10 common mistakes to avoid when selling or merging your legal practice, an article for the Law Institute of Victoria: Legal Practice Management – Is it time to sell or merge? and an article for Lawyers Weekly: 5 things you must do when selling or merging your legal practice.

In addition to the booklet, blog posts and articles Rohan has also done a follow up webinar which we recorded. You can access the recording below.

If you find you have questions you can contact Rohan directly via email: or on +61 3 9609 1632.


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